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The Exemplary Marlin Award is the highest award a student may earn at Fugman Elementary. The Block “F” is available to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students and is awarded after the end of the third quarter at our Block “F” Award Program.

The criterion for earning this award reflects a broad base of participation, achievement, and service. In order to earn the Block "F," a student must complete the required number of items in each of the following categories:
Mind – Academic Performance: 6 Items Needed (items must be achieved in Quarters 1, 2, & 3) Mind – Academic Challenge: 1 Item Needed

Body – Athletics: 5th/6th graders - 3 Items and 4th graders – 2 Items Needed Spirit - Leadership & School Service: 3 Items Needed

Spirit – PBIS Behavior Program: 1 Item Needed
Spirit - Performing Arts: 5th/6th graders - 2 Items and 4th graders– 1 Item Needed Spirit - Community Involvement: 1 Item Needed

The purpose of this award is to recognize those well-rounded individuals, who exemplify the qualities that Fugman hopes to foster in all of its students, namely: (1) the desire for self-improvement; (2) dedication and commitment in
reaching for goals; (3) concern for and service to others; and (4) the willingness to be a positive role model to others.
The word EXEMPLARY, in fact, means: (a) deserving imitation; (b) serving as an example; and (c) worthy of being a model. Fugman strives to instill outstanding character development, citizenship, and leadership qualities in all students.
A student need not be a "superstar" to earn this award; however, he/she must be an active and enthusiastic participant in the activities of the school, engage in the pursuit of excellence, and meet certain standards of achievement and performance. Individuals earning this prestigious award receive the Exemplary Block “F” plaque presented at a special program in their honor. The Exemplary Award Program has a positive impact on both individual students and the total school program in the Clovis Unified School District in the following ways:
  • Many students who had been reluctant to participate or try new activities have now become much more active and involved.
  • The quality of student participation has improved as students have taken the responsibilities and commitment of their involvement more seriously.
  • It has provided parents and teachers with a means to identify students who either were too heavily involved in school activities or not involved enough resulting in the ability to offer appropriate guidance.
  • Parents, teachers, and students have begun to view the "school-life" of a student as a total picture, not isolated bits and pieces.
  • Students are acknowledged for serving as role models who demonstrate exemplary leadership and character on a daily basis.
It is our hope that all students will actively pursue this award, making it a part of their planning for their total school experience. Whether or not the student actually receives the award, striving for it will hopefully enrich and enhance his/her educational foundation.
In the sections that follow, specific guidelines and requirements governing how items are earned in each category are discussed. We encourage students, parents, and teachers to work as shareholders with students in planning and setting goals.
We appreciate the input and participation and the support of the Fugman Community as we work to make the concept of this award meaningful to students and an important thread in the fabric of the Fugman Educational Program. Block F students represent the best Fugman has to offer!

Please review the Block F Handbook and Application that are attached.  
If you have any questions about Block F this year, 
please email Jamie Smith at [email protected].

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The Clovis Unified motto “Be the best you can be in mind, body and spirit,” comes to life in our block award.  Students in grades four through six who demonstrate success in mind (academics), body (athletics or performing arts) and spirit (character) are eligible to earn our school’s Block Award.  Students who qualify as Block Award winners all three years earn a special recognition at the conclusion of their sixth grade year.
Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit
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