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In Clovis Unified we are devoted to giving students a wide variety of experiences in academics, athletics and the arts.  Upper grade students can choose to try out for the annual school play.  Experiences in elementary school productions often lead students to continue participation in the arts in their junior high and high school years.


About the Show

Did you know that Cinderella has a long lost twin brother named Bob living in the same kingdom with his own wicked stepfamily? The separated siblings have enlisted the services of the Fairy Godmother, the Godfather (he ain’t no fairy!), and two enchanted gerbils to help wile their way into the exclusive royal festivities of Wychwood-under-Ooze. Bob has his sights set on Prince Percy’s all-kingdom baseball game, while Cinderella eyes the birthday gala for Princess Petunia. When the two strangers disappear at midnight after Cinderella hits a game-winning homerun, the search is on to find the feet that fit the glass slipper and the muddy cleat! 

Parent Meeting

  • Monday, November 27th from 5:00 - 5:30 pm in the MPR

If your child is interested in participating in Fugman’s 2023/24 drama production, we highly encourage attending this parent meeting. We will be providing an overview of the audition process, the tentative rehearsal schedule, expectations for participation, and other particulars such as costuming/makeup/etc.

Mandatory Rehearsals & Performances

  • Wednesday, February 28th from 4:30 - 7:00 pm (Final Dress Rehearsal)

  • Thursday, February 29th from 4:30 - 7:00 pm (Final Dress Rehearsal)

  • Monday, March 4th Your child must be present at school for our primary and upper grade performances.

  • Tuesday, March 5th Call time is 4:30 pm and Curtain is 6:00 pm

  • Wednesday, March 6th Call time is 4:30 pm and Curtain is 6:00 pm

  • Thursday, March 7th Call time is 4:30 pm and Curtain is 6:00 pm


This year we’re inviting 4th - 6th grade students to audition for our school play. Since Twinderella is a musical, students will be required to sing “Happy Birthday” for their audition. They will also be asked to read a short monologue. They should be familiar with the material, but they do not need to memorize it. We are providing a selection of monologues for students to choose from (see attachments). If your child is only interested in joining the crew (lights, sound, props, etc.) they must still audition.

In order to audition, students must have their permission slip submitted no later than Thursday, November 30th at 4:00 pm in the front office. No late permission slips will be accepted. Once we’ve received all permission slips, we will assign your child an audition time-slot on one of the initial audition days (December 4th, 5th, or 6th). Their audition time will be posted outside of the MPR as well as on the Fugman drama page on Friday, December 1st by 4:00 pm. They must come to their audition at the correct date and time ready to perform. After their initial audition, your child may be asked to come back for a second audition (callback). The callbacks list will be posted outside of the MPR as well as on the Fugman drama page on Thursday, December 7th by 4:00 pmNot receiving a callback does not mean that your child is not in the show. All students who audition will be assigned to either cast or crew.

We will hold auditions for the play in the MPR at the following times:

  • Monday, December 4th - 7:00-7:45 am  (Initial Audition)

  • Tuesday, December 5th - 7:00-7:45 am (Initial Audition)

  • Wednesday, December 6th - 7:00-7:45 am (Initial Audition)

  • Friday, December 8th - 7:00-7:45 am (Callbacks)

To limit distractions, these auditions will be closed to parents and siblings.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Everson.


Lauren Everson

Elizabeth Gonzales

4th Grade Drama

4th Grade Drama Permission Click

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