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Science Fair

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Science Fair

Science Fair


    Important Information

    All students will need a “Composition Notebook” at our first meeting. (The notebook cannot be spiral bound or one where pages can be torn out of the notebook.)

    ***All students must sign in to the Google Classroom page for this year’s science fair before our first meeting.  


    1. 6th graders   will be presenting 47x56 inches or smaller. Please make the boards large enough to easily read. 11x17 is not advised.

    Objectivity: The judges should not be able to identify you or your school. If your photograph, name or school are visible on your display or Project Notebook, they will have to be covered.

    1. Fourth and fifth grade participants will be presenting their science fair project on a 48” x 36” tri-fold board.

    2. Projects that are demonstrations, ‘library’ research or informational projects, ‘explanation’ models or kit building are not appropriate and will not count as a science fair project.

    3. Restricted projects are not allowed. Your project is restricted if you can answer yes to any of the following:

    • Are you asking people questions?

    • Are you doing experiments on yourself?

    • Are you using people in any way?

    • Are you using your pet?

    • Are you using any animal that has bones?

    • Are you experimenting with mold, fungus, bacteria, or viruses?

    • Are you experimenting with anything that can make you sick?

    • Are you experimenting with cultured samples?

    • Are you using prescription drugs, alcohol, wine or beer?

    • Are you using cigarettes, tobacco or gunpowder?

    • Are you using any other substance that may not be legally purchased?

    • Are you taking DNA from one organism and inserting it into the DNA of another organism?

    • Are you using any industrial or household chemicals or cleaners?

    • Are you experimenting with anything coming from a human or animal body such as cells, teeth, bones, etc.?

    • Are you experimenting with model rockets, lasers, radiation, guns, or anything else that could be dangerous?

    Contact Jennifer Reynolds for additional information or questions


    Jennifer Reynolds [email protected]

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