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Spring Student Council



It’s time for the Student Council Elections at Fugman Elementary School.  Fugman is looking for enthusiastic students who want to become actively involved in order to make a difference in our school community. 


Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020: Information Meeting for Students running for office for the fall semester (8:00 AM in Room 23)

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2019: All paperwork due for those running for Student Council office.

           (Paperwork turned in to Mrs. Byrd in room 23, NOT IN THE OFFICE—all papers must be paper-clipped together) DO NOT LEAVE PAPERS OUTSIDE THE DOOR!

1.     Typed speech—(Keep a copy for yourself.  The one you turn in will not be returned for your speech.)

2.     Signed “Responsibilities and Expectations” form.

3.     One (1) poster (Should you wish to create one—a poster is not required)



Friday, Jan. 24, 2020:  Speeches and voting will take place.  Results will be announced after votes have been tabulated.



SPEE­CHES: A typed copy of your speech must be turned in to room 23 no later than Tuesday, January 21.  Your speech can be no longer than one minute.  In your speech you may not promise anything that cannot be delivered to the student body.  Your speech must show good character and cannot put down those running against you.  You may not change your speech once you have turned it in.  Your speech should represent you as a candidate and is an individual performance.  There are to be no skits or students/others assisting you during your speech.  During your speech you may not dance or use excessive hand motions.  You cannot use rap or song during your speech.  It is your responsibility to bring a copy of your speech with you on Friday, January 24, 2020.  Suggested ideas for your speech would be to state your full name and the office you are running for, tell why you think you would be the best person for the job, state other things you have done that show you are capable of doing the job, give an idea or suggestion of something you would like to improve at Fugman (PLEASE, DON’T MAKE PROMISES), something unique about you that the audience might remember, and then conclude with your name and the office you are running for in the election.  Remember, your speech can not be longer than one minute.  Props are NOT allowed during your speech. 




POSTER:  You may make ONE poster to be hung up by Mrs. Byrd.  Your poster may not exceed 12x 18or it will not be hung.  Posters are to be two-dimensional and not include any three-dimensional items.  This means your poster MUST BE FLAT!  (Foam core board or cardboard is NOT allowed. The heaviest paper you are allowed to use is standard weight poster board.   Your poster is due to Room 23 no later than Tuesday, Jan. 21.  The poster, if approved, will be hung up by Mrs. Byrd in the MPR.  If you are unsure about what is or is not appropriate, please speak with Mrs. Byrd.  There is to be no use of any flyers, stickers, buttons, candy, food, or anything else. 

MEETINGS AND TIMES: If elected, you will serve on the Fugman Student Council Team, which will meet three times a month before school on Tuesday mornings as well as some additional meetings during the school day at lunch and/or morning recess. The meetings will be in Room 23. Attendance at these Student Council meetings is mandatory. All officers will be expected to be at these meetings on time. Any student that is removed from office will not be eligible for Block F points. If elected, you will receive a schedule of meeting days and times. 


ELECTED OFFICERS: In order to provide an opportunity for more students to serve on student council, any person elected to office for the fall semester will not be eligible to run for office in the spring of 2020.



*** Being a part of student council at Fugman is an important leadership position.  You will be expected to be a part of, but not limited to, Spirit Weeks, Campus Beautification, School-Wide Dress-Up Days, Human Relations Committee, Pennies for Patients, Kid’s Day Newspaper sales, and PBIS swim store when called upon to do so.

Student Council Responsibilities and Expectations Form

Student and parents: Review these expectations together and initial and sign bottom of form



______/______ Student will attend all scheduled Student Council Meetings

______/______ Student will attend all required activities or events expected of a Student Council Representative.  A list of activities, dates, and times will be disbursed by the second week of September.  This includes wearing spirit wear or uniforms each Friday and participating in all dress-up days for the fall semester.

______/______ If student is absent twice (with unexcused absence—meaning they are at school but not in attendance at the meeting) or tardy three times, student will be removed from office. 

______/______ Student will follow all guidelines when writing their speech and understand that                                         violations will result in all votes cast for that candidate will not be counted. 

______/______ Student will bring their own copy of speech on election day.


______/______Student will follow all guidelines for their poster, or it will not be hung.

______/______ Student will be removed from office if they have any MAJOR offense in our school-wide SWIM expectations while in office.

______/______Student will follow the requirements set forth for their specific position.

______/______Students removed from office will not be eligible for Block F points.

____________________________   ___________   ____________________________________  _________

Student Signature                               Date                        Parent/Guardian Signature                         Date

Grade: _____________  Teacher: _____________________________________________________________

Student Council Jobs & Responsibilities

President:  Open to all sixth graders in good standing.  The president is in charge of all Student Council meetings.  President will assign officers and class representatives to carry out Student Council work, as well as acting as an official representative of the Student Body when called upon. The president assists all officers with their duties.  Shows good character at all times.  ***

Vice President:  Open to all fifth and sixth graders in good standing.  In charge of Council meetings when the President is absent.   The Vice President will assist other Student Council officers with their duties.  Shows good character at all times.  ***

Secretary:  Open to all fifth and sixth graders in good standing.  In charge of recording minutes of Student Council meetings.  Will assist other officers with their duties as assigned.  Shows good character at all times. ***

Commissioner of Grounds:  Open to all fifth and sixth graders in good standing.  In charge of reminding teachers and students of the importance of keeping Fugman clean and free of litter.  Does a weekly Clean Campus Report and reads the results on the Friday morning announcements.  In charge of picking up any visible trash after all recesses as well as assisting the Athletic Commissioner in picking up all balls.  This person will lead the Student Council team to help with the collection of recycled trash on Tuesdays during the lunch hour.  The Grounds Commissioner will promote campus beautification projects.  Shows good character at all times. ***

Athletic Commissioner:  Open to all fifth and sixth grade students in good standing.  Assists the principal and coaches with awards and announcements during assemblies and rallies, and assists coaches with tasks such as equipment inventory.  In charge of picking up all balls after recess as well as assisting the Commissioner of Grounds in trash clean-up.  Shows good character at all times.  ***

Rally Commissioner:  Open to all fifth or sixth grade students in good standing.  Oversees spirit related activities for rallies and games.  Will assist the teacher in charge of planning school rallies in rally planning and set up.  In charge of creating a poster/banner for every home game and creating a weekly cheer to pump up our athletes and school spirit.  Will work with other officers to assist them with their duties.  Shows good character at all times. ***

Grade Level President (Fourth Grade & Fifth Grade):  Open to all fourth and fifth grade students in good standing.  Represents and communicates the needs of the grade level to Student Council.  The class president is in charge of reporting information to grade level, when necessary.  Shows good character at all times.  ***

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