Accelerated Reader and Sparthenian Goals

Sparthenian Reader Award Guidelines



SCHEDULE: All classes will be scheduled for ½ hour per week for checking out and returning library books.  Please do not send groups of students to the library during a time when another class is scheduled.  During any unscheduled class time students may come to the library with a pass. 


PASSES: Students are required to have a Library Pass anytime they come to the library during school hours, other than with their class.  This includes recess and lunch.  Students must get a pass from the classroom before going out to recess or lunch if they plan to use the library during this time.  If a student comes without a pass, they will be sent back to class or outside during recess.  Each class will be given 5 passes to control the number of students in the library at one time.


CHECK-OUT: Students in grades 2-6 are allowed to check out 2 books at a time, for 2 weeks at a time.  Books may be renewed one time before the due date.  Grades K-1 may check out 1 book at a time for 1 week at a time.  A limit of 5 books (no more than 2 books from the same series) may be checked out by a parent for a student, but must be returned by the due date. Books may be returned before the due date and a new book checked out. 


Any student with past due library books or textbooks will lose their library check out privileges until the book is returned or the lost book fine is paid.


LOST OR DAMAGED BOOKS:  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the student will be responsible to pay for a replacement of equal quality. This includes books that have been left in the rain, eaten by pets or siblings, crushed or broken bindings in a desk, etc.

  • Students have 10 days to return a past due book. Privileges are revoked until the book is returned.
  • After 10 days, students are expected to pay for a replacement of equal quality. 
  • All privileges are revoked until the item is paid for.


LIBRARY COMPUTER USE:  There are 12 computers in the library for student use.  They are to be used for library related purposes only.  


A.R. QUIZZING: Students in grades 2-6 will be taking A.R. quizzes using classroom and library computers. 


COMPUTER LAB:  The computer lab may be scheduled for classes but must have a teacher or adult present during use.


SPARTHENIAN READERS:  For students earning this award, there is a special presentation and assembly at the end of the school year.  Please refer to your matrix for requirements.