Parent Volunteer Requirements

Parent Volunteer Requirements

September 21, 2017 at 2:00 PM

In conjunction with Board Policy 9212, any parent volunteer who will have ongoing, frequent, or prolonged contact time with students (classroom volunteers, field trips, visitors at classroom parties), must go through a TB assessment. This does not necessarily mean that you need a skin test, just a screening process that may require a test if there are risk factors.


The district will be providing free assessments at various sites. The Clovis North Area will be offering clinic hours on Tuesday September 26th and Wednesday the 27th at Riverview Elementary and the Clovis North Educational Center. Please see the attached TB Assessment Clinic document for specific times and room locations.  If you have had a TB assessment or test within the last four years you can provide that documentation to the main office.  If you are unable to attend one of our clinics, there is an assessment form attached for your convenience.  The document can be taken to your personal physician. This attached document should be filled out and signed by your physician.


All information needed is attached and can be found on our website or in the main office. There will be other times throughout the year when TB Assessment Clinics will be offered. We will be sure to communicate those dates and times to you when they have been scheduled.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us be compliant with board policy.  We appreciate our volunteers and believe they truly make a difference with students and staff.