History Day


History Day 2017-2018

History Day at Fugman Elementary School is a unique opportunity for 4th – 6th grade students to research and present personally meaningful topics relating to an annual National theme and to examine history in a fun and challenging way.  Student winners in each category (2D displays, exhibits, historical papers, web sites, documentaries, and performances) may move onto the County competition in March. The 2017/2018 theme this year is Conflict & Compromise in History.


Helpful History Day Links:

 History Day, California
National History Day
Library of Congress
Digital Public Library of America
Bibliography Help
Contest Rules

Download Paperwork Here: 

Process Paper Outline Theme Sheet
Process Paper Matrix  4th & 5th Grade Commitment
Thesis Statement Steps  6th Grade Commitment



Cesar Chavez 2D Board Diagram Examples: 1 & 2
Florence Nightengale 2D Board Bibiliography Examples
Jane Goodall 2D Board Process Paper Bibliography Example
John Muir 2D board